aan ons Afrikaanse ouers en vriende

Dr Melodie de Jager, die stigter van BabaGim®, is trots Afrikaans en so ook die meerderheid van ons Instrukteurs-span. Ter wille van toeganklikheid is al ons amptelike kommunikasie in Engels, maar u is welkom om ons verhoudingsbestuurder te kontak, sou u verkies om u navraag in Afrikaans te rig: Lelani Brand-Labuschagne 082 301 5860 / institute@babygym.co.za

BabaGim klassies word landswyd in Afrikaans en Engels aangebied en ons leesstof is ook in beide tale beskikbaar.

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Brain development occurs when you gradually and gently wake up all of baby’s senses and muscles in a specific sequence. No matter how clever the brain, the brain needs wide-awake senses and strong muscles to prompt the brain into action.


Brain Development in the Early Years

Brain Development in the Early Years

Research has indicated that there is a link between the variety of movements a baby makes during the first few months of life and baby’s ability to adapt and learn later on in life. The purpose of baby’s first year is to DEVELOP to become alert, strong, independent and clever and BabyGym helps to make this happen!


The BabyGym® Institute’s success is achieved by a number of passionate BabyGym® Instructors as well as a small yet dynamic team based in Johannesburg, South Africa:

Shuntay Steyn, Lelani Brand-Labuschagne, Melodie de Jager, Lana van Niekerk and Cozette Laubser.

Dr Melodie de Jager is the founder and author of ground breaking programmes and books on preconceptual care, birth, child development and quality of life – irrespective of age. Although Melodie’s education has been broad and diverse she wholeheartedly admits that most of her learning takes place at home amongst her children and grandchildren.

Melodie regularly hosts workshops, is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and much in demand as a keynote speaker. She is listed on the American Biographical Institute as one of the Great Women of the 21st Century

B.Prim.Ed / B.Ed Psych / M.Ed Psych / D.Phil

Founder / Author / Developmental Specialist / Keynote Speaker


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