A happy granny says thank you to BabyGym®


    Josua de Jager was born naturally 25 January 2016. For the first 4 months we ooo-ed and aaa-ed because our blue-eyed boy was a heartbreaker from the moment he was born. No, it is not just the ouma’s opinion! People often commented on how Josua had the uncanny ability to connect with you, both through a firm grasp ánd eye contact. But between months 4 and 5 we noticed that his head circumference was increasing rapidly. A rapid race to see him in person ended with a dash to the doctor, scans and an emergency appointment to see a neurologist. Three days later Josua was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus - also called Water on the Brain. Hydrocephalus is a condition in which there is an abnormal build-up of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) in the cavities (ventricles) of the brain. The build-up is often caused by an obstruction which prevents proper fluid drainage. Our courageous little man had surgery 4 days later and went straight to ICU. In the months that followed Josua’s mom, dad, nanny and even his 23 month old sister, worked extremely hard to help him to catch up developmentally. Here is Josua’s story:

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