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Lorika de Jager
BabyGym Profile
I am passionate about children's development in all areas - physical, emotional, social and cognitive. It is important to build a solid foundation from very early on so that your baby is equipped with the necessary skills to reach their full potential later on - the best gift you can give your baby! BabyGym gives a child a head start in life as it helps parents and caregivers understand the brain development of their babies. We are having fun while stimulating babies' senses and teaching them about the world around them. During classes we also enjoy special moments of bonding with our little miracles. I am excited about changing lives and enhancing children's future achievements. I absolutely love sharing this journey with mommies and babies.
Qualified to Instruct
BabyGym 1, BabyGym 2, BabyGym 3, Special Needs, Community Service, Friends of BabyGym Training
Class presented on:
Thursday, Saturday
Contact Info
078 282 3820
Free State
Venue to be confirmed