Carla, Fourways
June 29, 2017
Luis and Emma Mendes, Fourways
June 30, 2017

Megan Badenhorst, Robin Hills, Randburg

It was abundantly clear that our BabyGym Instructor is deeply passionate about BabyGym and the benefits of BabyGym if parents apply themselves and make it part of Baby’s daily life. I appreciated that our Instructor used her own experiences and related these to us. I felt extremely comfortable, welcome and at ease in her classes. Since my maternity leave is limited, bonding with my baby is extremely important to me. I felt that BabyGym gave me the tools to help my baby while I was bonding with him. It has given me confidence in handling him and I feel extremely motivated to continue with the exercises. I feel that I can already see results in terms of his neck control, alertness and curiosity. Mostly, BabyGym was just really fun and the fact that it has long term benefits is absolutely wonderful.