Monica Smith, Kempton Park
June 30, 2017
Angie Venter, Tzaneen
June 30, 2017

Aadil Mosam, Lenasia

Being a first time dad, like all other parents, I wanted the best for my little girl Zaakirah. At first I didnt know exactly what BabyGym was all about, but surprisingly a whole new window into the human mind and body was opened, and I learnt a lot! For me it was amazing to learn that seemingly insignificant or small things like perhaps eye contact or dad’s touch are actually important factors in a child’s development. As a dad I am relieved to have learnt that it is not the expensive toys and gadgets that will ultimately lead to the development of a better brain.

Since doing BabyGym, we see Zaakirah as more calm, relaxed but still alert and active. My play time with her is now more structured and I know that when I do the stimulation with her it’s more than just time spent with her, it is helping her to build a better brain! We say thank you to our BabyGym Instructor for a wonderful experience and truly believe that all parents and babies should have BabyGym on their to-do list!