Claire Kolbe, Monte Vista
June 29, 2017
Samatha Jane van Zyl, Monte Vista
June 29, 2017

Vinosha Singh, Fourways

After 9 long years of waiting for our little miracle, he was impatient to meet us and decided to make an appearance 2 months ahead of schedule. The weeks that followed were spent holding vigil in a neonatal ICU, where we were told that as a preemie he would in all likelihood be behind schedule in reaching his development milestones. Given Kian’s tumultuous entry into the world we were committed to supporting him in achieving these milestones with minimal upheaval. Preliminary internet research and listening to the experiences of a few fellow mums suggested that BabyGym was an avenue worth exploring. We took a punt and it paid off… As early as the first lesson we saw a change in Kian.

The positive stimulation meant that he was more attentive than he’d ever been. The baby massage techniques we learned supported him in becoming more mobile and consequently more agile. Moreover the classes and the weekly “homework” meant that we were engaged in valuable quality time as a family. As first time parents this was essential in establishing both a daily regimen and a sustainable home dynamic.

It’s been some weeks since Kian’s graduation but this hasn’t halted our BabyGym journey. All three of us continue undertaking the prescribed exercises with gusto, and we’re delighted by the engaged, bright and personable little boy that Kian is becoming. My husband and I are in agreement that BabyGym was a worthwhile investment. We’re proud by the developmental strides Kian has made and would happily advocate the program to other parents.